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Caring Heart and Hands - the leading provider of adult daycare services in North Mississippi.

About Caring Heart and Hands Adult Daycare House


Caring Heart and Hands House Adult Daycare Center was opened in September of 2012 by Connie and Chris Sadler. The vision was sparked and ignited in Connie when the two , who are Registered Nurses, found themselves in somewhat of a delima when Chris' mother was striken with Organic Brain Syndrome and began to show signs and symptoms of Alzhiemer's which later worsened. The two nurses found themselves unable to provide desired care for their loved-one and adequately provide for their family without resorting to assisted living nursing home care. The two have devoted themselves to providing a way that others will not have to undergo the same dilema and have professional day services for their loved-one's by qualified caregivers.

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